The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Princess

Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare

I just read an absolute master piece.

My heart is torn to shreds, my sould is somehow shocked into unconsciousness and my mind is stunned to silence. This was horrible, painful, beautiful and magnificent (and again I mean that as the highest of compliments)! I know that this is YA fantasy, but still; it is hereby considered a Classic by me.


Cassandra Clare has gone and done it again; planting thoughts of forbidden loves so beautiful in my mind that I hardly know if I can bear it. Throughout this read I was so afraid of the ending, thinking that there could not possibly be any way that this could end well. Yet it ended, and I saw that this was the only way right. Clare has managed to capture the essence of life and people and love, no matter how messy and beautiful it can be, in a stunning and fast paced story of a different world so familiar.


I have to admit, throughout the read I would pick out flaws, things that annoyed me, things that turned cliché. But each and every one of those things I found she managed to fix. Half the "problems" were half-started clichés that she gave a funky twist that gave it a new breath of life, while the other half were things that annoyed me more and more until I realized that she was doing it on purpose, and that she actually had a plan behind it, and I endeed up (grudgingly at first) admiring them!


No, all I can say is this: GO READ THIS SERIES! Prepare to get your mind blown away in a world of pain, love, strength, honour and healing. It is a series well worth reading, and I imagine that all of Cassandra Clare's books are books that I am going to reread so many times.


Now I have to go prepare for a period of Shadowhunter-withdrawal... Wish me strength.


- C